O-D Survey

The Origin-Destination (O-D) Survey, held every five years, examines the “who, where, why, when, and how” of trips made by residents of the National Capital Region (NCR) resulting in extensive, up-to-date information on current daily trip patterns of area residents in rural areas, growing suburbs, mature neighbourhoods and downtown areas alike.

The information the survey collects will be used to plan roads, transit infrastructure and services, as well as cycling and pedestrian facilities.

Both the results of the 2011 survey and the 2005 survey are available. For more information about the O-D survey, please review the FAQs or contact us.

Survey Methodology

The O-D survey is conducted through voluntary, confidential telephone interviews over a 12-week period. Typically the survey reaches approximately 5% of the population.

The survey is typically conducted at the beginning of fall, since during this period trip patterns are usually more stable than any other time of the year. People have returned from summer vacations and are back to their work routines. Schools are back in session, and residents of all ages have resumed their fall/winter recreation activities. Trip patterns during this period are least likely to be influenced by inclement weather, Christmas shopping or holidays.

During the 10-minute survey, participants are asked questions about all of the trips made on the previous day by each household member over the age of five, by any mode. That means walking, cycling, driving – even rollerblading – would all be relevant, as long as the trip has an origin, a destination, and a purpose. Walking around the block, or other trips classified as exercise, will be excluded. Some statistical information will also be sought, including age, gender, employment status, and number of vehicles available to the household.