2009 External Travel Survey

The 2009 External Travel Survey was an important follow-up to the household-based 2005 Origin-Destination (O-D) Survey and captured information on trip patterns that are not captured by the O-D survey, specifically trips that originate in, or are destined to, locations outside of the National Capital Region (NCR). A summary of the results of the survey have been released alongside additional information.

This survey found, predictably, that peak travel times were in accordance with AM and PM commuter peak periods. The single highest hourly volume of trips occurred in the PM peak period, between 16:00
and 16:59, during which time approximately 13,250 trips passed through the Ontario survey sites and approximately 1,850 trips passed through the Québec sites, into and out of the NCR.


Distribution of Travel Originating in External Zones

Work was cited as the primary purpose of trips entering the NCR through Ontario and Québec, with fractions of 50% and 35%, respectively. Similarly, returning home is the purpose cited most for trips exiting the NCR, at 51%. The figure shown depicts the distribution of volume entering the NCR during the AM peak.

The survey also found that 4.8% of trips through survey sites include park-and-ride as part of the trip, and that the average vehicle occupancy through survey sites ranged from 1.20 to 1.79, varying with trip purpose.