2016 National Capital Region Travel Trends

The primary objective of this study is to track changes in travel behaviour and trends in the NCR as recorded in four major origin-destination (OD) travel surveys conducted in 1986, 1995, 2005, and most recently, in 2011. These surveys present a snapshot of travel demand on a typical day in the NCR by surveying a large sample of its residents about where, why, when, and how they travelled. This, coupled with demographic information about travellers, portrays the changing state of travel in the NCR.

This report updates and builds upon previous NCR Travel Trends studies by presenting the relationship between travel trends and changing economic and demographic conditions. Updated information from the 2011 Census and other sources help establish a holistic picture of the emerging, shifting and established trends within the NCR. On the basis of the observed trends, this report also provides forward-looking analysis about the likely changes in travel behaviour that will manifest themselves in the coming years.

Full report (2016 National Capital Region Travel Trends Report) has been released.